7 Reasons & benefits of Sleeping naked: A healthy choice

One of the prominent things in our life is to have a good sleep, getting the right amount of sleep gives you numerous health benefits. Trouble falling asleep is a serious problem faced by many nowadays. Insomnia is a very common disorder which makes it difficult for you to fall asleep.

Different symptoms of insomnia are:

It’s a complicated condition where it’s difficult to fall asleep or to stay asleep. Inadequate sleep, which results in getting up too early in the morning. Insomnia is divided into chronic and acute insomnia respectively, these are characterized based on its duration, acute insomnia is short in duration whereas chronic is a prolonged one. Acute insomnia might have been faced by everybody and generally it gets resolved without any treatment. Nevertheless, chronic insomnia should be taken care of, since it can get linked to another medical or psychiatric issue, sometimes it’s even difficult to dig out its cause.

Experts say sleeping without any clothes are one of the best ways to banish insomnia. Shawn Stevenson, a US sleep expert and clinical neurologist in his book, Sleep Smarter has said, when it’s time to sleep, naturally your core body temperature drops which helps in initiating sleep. If it’s very hot out there, that’s if the temperature in the environment stays very high, it’s quite difficult to reach that state for a good sleep. Research says that insomniacs have comparatively warmer body temperature than normal, before going to sleep and going to bed naked helps them to maintain a body temperature which is ideal for sleeping.

Additional benefits of sleeping naked are:

1. Melatonin and growth hormones get balanced:

It helps your body to regulate melatonin and growth hormone levels which play a great role in providing good health. So it’s ideal to sleep below 70 degrees (F).

2. It reduces stress:

Stress is hazardous as it increases your risk of heart diseases and can cause weight problems, also can lead to depression. Sleeping without any clothes helps you to regulate cortisol levels, this will greatly reduce, which in turn improves your stress levels.

3. Blood circulation improves:

It’s good for blood circulation and prevent you from many infections.

4. Metabolism increases:

Keeping the temperature lower by sleeping nude can help in increasing your metabolism levels

5. Blood pressure gets improved:

Wearing any clothes, from pajamas to underwear can make it difficult for the blood to flow smoothly, so sleeping naked makes the flow easier and hence blood pressure improves.

6. Sperm quality increases:

The scrotum has to maintain a temperature (95 – 96 degrees) for the optimal production of sperm, wearing tight underwear can make it restricted to maintain the right temperature. Sleeping naked can make testicles’ temperature get improved, as a result sperm quality improves profoundly.

7. The love and trust hormone, oxytocin gets released if sleeping close to partners:

Sleeping naked enables skin to skin contact, as a result, it triggers the release of oxytocin in the brain hence stress levels reduce.

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