How to boost the chances of a female orgasm?

The female orgasm is no longer a mystery. Nowadays, both the partners focus on achieving the orgasm and enjoying the complete act. Moreover, it is not a big secret anymore. There has been a lot of research done to understand the fact what it takes a woman for reaching the climax and getting the real orgasm. If you are one of those who just focuses on the main act, then you are seriously missing a chance in getting the entire thing done wonderfully. According to a study held by researchers in the US, there are a number of things such as deep kissing, caressing, foot kissing, genital stimulation, nape touch, lap dances, oral sex, anal sex etc.. These are a few acts other than the intercourse, which can help you attain the female orgasm. According to a study published in the journal called Archives of Sexual Behavior. The study clearly states the outcomes make it clear that a multiple behaviors and acts of the couples can prove to be beneficial to increase orgasm frequency. Other than this Prof. David Frederick and his colleagues, who work at the Chapman University, started an online survey. The survey includes a sample size of over 52000 adults, who are aged between eighteen to sixty-five years. All these adults were in a monogamous relationship. The study proved that women who frequently attained orgasms lasted more during the act. They were proved to be more inclined in the complete lovemaking scene. They received more oral sex and were likely to satisfy their partner completely, when in the act.

These women are more proactive and decisive. They are open for what they want. According to the researchers, these women are open to praise their partner, connect with them, tease them, try something new in the process, incorporate sexy talks, express love during making out, encourage their partner to foreplay, act out of fantasies, and motivate their partner to be better. According to another research done in the U.K., the researchers also examined the fact that how the frequency of orgasm varied amongst people of different sexual inclinations. There has been a considerable difference between the frequency of orgasm of heterosexual men and women while in the act. However, not much information and clarity is available on the fact that how a different sexual orientation can affect the orgasm frequency. The deductions made out of this research clearly stated that heterosexual women were less likely to experience orgasm during sex in comparison to a lesbian. On the other hand, 95% of heterosexual men admitted that they generally orgasmed when sexually intimate, whereas this percentage got down to 89% for gay men and 88% for bisexual men. However, the counterparts the women stats were completely different. When sexually intimate, 85% percent of lesbian women experienced orgasms. While the other percentages, in a similar situation were 66% for bisexual women and 65% heterosexual women. These studies clearly make it visible that the chances of a female orgasm are never low. The entire action gets its real meaning when both the partners make equal and honest participation in the act. And try something new after a few days.

09 Mar 2021

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