Physical, emotional and Sexual Health: Don’t Ignore

Sexual health is something to be taken care of extremely seriously like physical and emotional health. It has an important role in a relationship. It’s important to understand that it’s a natural part of our life which we have to be conscious about. Being open in a relationship plays a great part here; you should have the guts to feel free to speak about anything to your sexual partner. Sexual education is a must thing to be done since many stigmas are already prevalent about sexually transmitted diseases.

Adolescent period is an incredible one since our bodies start developing and we start becoming responsible in a relationship, hence it’s a period where one should be educated properly about the health risks associated with the sexual practice. Being sexually active grants you immunity from viruses and it helps you enhance your mood. According to WHO, Health is not just the absence of disease or infirmity; instead, it is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Hence a good sexual life is an inevitable part of a relationship.

There are many ways to enhance your sexual life, they are:

Performing Kegel exercises is extremely beneficial since it increases the blood circulation in the pelvic region and hence the strength of PC muscles increase, strong PC muscles give you a pleasurable sensation during sex. For men, if you smoke, stop it immediately as it clogs the blood vessel in the penis in the same way as it clogs blood vessel in the arteries, hence it decreases your vitality.

Maintain a healthy weight:

Overweight people are at a great risk of developing diabetes, hypertension as well as hypercholesterolemia; weight reduction helps you to feel confident also it gives you relief from many sexual problems.
Alcohol consumption has a negative effect on men’s and women’s sexual capacities. There is a myth associated with alcohol consumption; that it facilitates sexual encounter, but it’s nothing but proven false. Alcohol consumed in high doses fails men from getting erections whereas it fails women from getting sexually aroused.

Always stay on a healthy diet:

Your nutrition plays a very major role here, in order to have a proper sexual life, eating healthy food is very essential, it also prevents you from getting any diseases.

Communication in a relationship:

Feeling comfortable in talking to your partner about their preference as well as problems in sexuality makes a relationship worth it.


Safety should be given the first concern. If you are not ready to conceive, use a condom. Using condom not only gives you protection from getting pregnant but also from sexually transmitted diseases. So it’s advised to use condoms when necessary. Stay hydrated always, it helps in proper lubrication also dehydration can cause many problems including hindrance to sexual arousal.

Eliminate stress:

Eliminate stress from your life as it’s the main cause of any problem. Try practicing yoga or any other exercises as they help to overcome stress. Meditation is also said to have a positive effect, a few days of practice can help get rid of anxiety.

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