What women think when you go down on Her

There is something amazing about knowing how to perfectly go down on a woman you love. In sex life, woman’s orgasm is as important as yours, it shows how much you care about her pleasure. There are a lot of things going on her head, more than you can ever imagine. Here are the things which she thinks when you go down on her.

Did I wax recently?

Hygiene fear is most common among women. Am I hairy down there? I hope he doesn’t mind my little growth. How will he react to it? Oral hygiene affects her mood when you go down.

Okay! Just relax girl.

And if I can't relax I will just try to act calm. The initial moment when you go down a lot of things trigger in her mind and makes her panic. This is the time when she tries to bring her mind into a piece and just enjoy.

Please let me pick the position!

Whether oral be with legs spread apart, or leg together, we all like it. But sometimes guys choose a position which isn’t comfortable for us. All we want is to let us pick the right position because it is next to impossible to even reach orgasm in uncomfortable positions. If your girl shifts or adjusts while oral then let her pick the position according to her comfort.

Am I the first one or he did this to his ex?

How is he so good in this? Is he experienced? Maybe he is still thinking about his ex. Okay I just need to focus on our present and stop digging his past. This are few doubts which runs through a girls mind and needs to be stopped.

Am I smelly down there?

All girls have had this question in their mind at least once. When you go down there the first thing that strikes in her mind is whether she took shower in the morning or not, should she go to the bathroom and wipe herself with a clean cloth. Worrying about smell is common and often happen after a hot day or workout.

Its over, what now?

Okay so you are done with pleasuring here, but what now? She thinks whether she should return you a favor by giving a blowjob or just cuddle. Well, it is better to clear this with your girl by giving her indications of what you want next.

Keep your eyes down, please

For few girls maintaining eye contact during this is a bit awkward. If she tries to hide her face when you look at her then don’t look, else you might find changed bulb from the next day!

Yes that’s the right position

A bit of right, a bit of left. Okay, there you go, if she is moaning and getting excited at a particular position then you should not stop at all. That’s the right position and you are doing exactly perfect.

Is he tired?

This comes in her mind when you stay there for long or stop licking for a while. If you feel tired then go up, kiss her for a while and start continuing. Don’t make her feel embarrassed.

Don't overdo please

Don’t lick her so hard that there is no tomorrow. It will start hurting her rather than pleasuring her and she will just wait for you to stop. Just like men, women too are sensitive down there, it's not fun at all when you do it too hard. Just be gentle and go slow.

Don’t ever stop!

Being taken care of down there is that magical moment which she never wants to stop. Ending a busy day like this is a perfect gift for her. But the moment you stop this goes on her mind. If you found the right position and are good with your tongue and fingers, then she will be on cloud nine. If she is about to reach her climax then don’t ever stop. All she wants is that you keep touching her forever.

These are the few things that go through a woman's mind when you go down her on. Now you know what she is thinking, take advantage of reading her mind and make her fall for you more!

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