Who Experience More Pleasure - Male or Female Orgasm

09 Mar 2021

Whats going in Women’s Brain during sex and attaining Orgasm

Do you ever wonder why women are able to tolerate pains while making love; such as biting, pulling hair, slapping on back etc. It’s the Brain!!! It increases the tolerance level for the pains
09 Mar 2021

STORYTIME- HOW I LOST MY VIRGINITY - 12 Girls Youtuber Confession

1. Ashley Ortega : Story Time - How I Lose My Virginity
09 Mar 2021

Early menstrual cycle in Teenage girl can put them in risk of strokes

One of the many changes that girls have to go through while turning to teenage is a menstrual cycle and the way the girls are hitting their puberty at an early age is something to worry about. Rece