Early menstrual cycle in Teenage girl can put them in risk of strokes

One of the many changes that girls have to go through while turning to teenage is a menstrual cycle and the way the girls are hitting their puberty at an early age is something to worry about. Recent studies have shown that girls who hit their period at an early age of 13 or below have a higher risk of having a stroke. Specifically, those girls who start to have a period from the age of 13 are 1.8 times more likely to face stroke than those who have it at the age of 15. This is a worrying situation for the girls.

Our body undergoes an amount of development as it proceeds and ages. All the developments are meant for making your body ready for the next stage of the life. In girls, the puberty period marks the onset of new sexual developments and the beginning of the new cycle, the menstrual cycle. Often marked with significant bodily changes this process is vital for the existence of a healthy reproductive cycle. It is the menstrual cycle that is responsible for making a woman ready for pregnancy and gives birth to a child. This monthly cycle is all just because the woman can be ready to bear a child and help increase the humankind.

When girls have early onset of periods, then, they become more susceptible to the risk of cerebral infarction or in simple words the risk of reduction in the blood flow and ultimately oxygen flow to the certain part of the brain. According to Professor Takayoshi Ohkubo of the Tohoku University of Japan, this early onset of the period might just be a sign of occurrence of stroke rather than death due to stroke. In simple words, the strokes may not be fatal, but there are chances that an event of stroke may occur at an early stage.

In addition to above, it has been found that an early menopause also causes the same problem of cerebral infarction than those who have it later. Published in the neuroepidemiology, a study was conducted by a team of 1412 postmenopausal women in Japan. Through they collected information regarding their menarche and menopause and the beginning period of each phase. They also collected information related to strokes and its occurrence and other physical factors like weight, height, etc. The research found a staggering relationship between early menarche and chances of strokes in a woman.

Your menstrual cycle is dependent on many factors like genetics, environment, and lifestyle. In order to have perfect health, you should need to consider many factors and need to balance them out in proper order. Some of the researchers suggest that deliberately delaying the menarche and menopause phase can be one of the methods of avoiding such circumstances. But, whether it is feasible or not or what repercussions it will have on a woman’s body, only time will tell. For now, all you can do is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and start to be serious about your health in order to have proper menarche and menopause periods.

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