8 way for girls to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy & Unprotected Sex

Half of All pregnancies are unplanned in the world. Women's health is very important for the society. There are many ways to Prevent Unwanted Pregnancy. Best way is respect your body and stop doing Unprotected Sex. Make Rules and Follow them. Thought of getting pregnant when you don’t want a baby can be scary. Around 85% of women who are sexually active become pregnant because of not using contraceptives. When there are so many birth control options available today, choosing the right one can be a bit difficult. The option you choose is your personal choice and it should be chosen very carefully. Here are some common ways to avoid pregnancy.

Taking birth control pills

This is one of the simplest method to avoid getting pregnant. Birth control pills, also known as oral contraceptive pills consist progestin hormones and synthetic estrogen which prevent leaving of woman's egg from her ovaries. These pills are extremely effective when taken every day. Skipping pills for few days will reduce its efficacy. While taking pills for the long term may cause some side effects, concern your doctor before taking birth control pills.

Using the barrier method to avoid pregnancy

Barrier method is the most commonly used method. Male and female condoms are readily available and are cost effective. Male condom: this is made of plastic or latex, during intercourse male wear this on the penis. This barrier created prevents fertile eggs from coming in contact with the semen. It's easy to use, Use less time, Another benefit of using condoms is that it protects from sexually transmitted diseases as well. Condoms are available in health clinics and medical stores. Female condoms: This is shaped like ring having a pouch and are made of latex. To hold the pouch in place inside the vagina, the ring stays outside the body. During intercourse, female condom collects the semen so that it could not enter the woman's body. As compared to male condoms, the female condoms are less effective, and for few women, these are not comfortable. Female condoms are available in medical stores.

Using pull out method

This method is considered to be unsafe but is still being used by many to avoid pregnancy. It involves removing the penis before ejaculation from the vagina. Although it’s a natural and free method but is still risky. If your man is unable to remove his penis before ejaculation, this method won't be effective. Pulling out method does not prevent STD and STIs. The effectiveness of this method totally depends on the self-control and self-knowledge of your man.

Sterilization to avoid pregnancy permanently

This method is 100% effective, but it is irreversible. So if you are not totally sure that you don’t want kids in future then this method is not for you. In this method, sterilization is done by vasectomy or tubal ligation, that is by surgically closing the tubes.

Intrauterine devices

This birth control device is long term and effective. Intrauterine, also known as IUD is a small metal device made up of copper, this is inserted into the uterus of woman by the gynecologist. It stops fertilization of egg by blocking the sperm. Without affecting the fertility, intrauterine devices can be safely removed anytime you want. Intrauterine devices do not protect against STD and STIs. This can have minor side effects like disrupting the menstruation cycle. Except this, intrauterine devices don’t interfere other hormones and are safe to use.

Plan B

This is also called emergency contraception. It has two pills which contain levonorgestrel, it is ingested after sexual intercourse. To prevent pregnancy, emergency contraception should be taken as soon as possible. You can buy this from any pharmacy or take it from the healthcare provider. Plan B and birth control pills are entirely different things, don’t replace birth control pills with this. After unprotected sex, emergency contraception should be the last resort.


This is a rubber disk having a flexible rim. Diaphragm and spermicide should be used together, it covers the cervix. Diaphragms are of different sizes, it is fitted by the health professionals according to the size of the cervix. After sexual intercourse, the diaphragm must be left for a minimum of 6 hours. It shouldn't be left for more than 24 hours else it will harm the body.

Removing penis after ejaculation

Even if you are using a condom, leaving penis for too long inside the vagina after ejaculation may cause pregnancy. The reason is, after ejaculation the penis goes down. Due to this the condom doesn't remain tightly fit and comes off the penis inside vagina only. Don’t underestimate the power of semen. In Unprotected Sex A single drop of sperm is enough to fertile the woman. In the heat of moment it is easy to make mistake, so make sure that you have knowledge about this birth control methods so that you don’t have to think about pregnancy again.

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