Shocking Reasons Behind Pregnant Teens Smoking Cigarettes

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase of a women’s life but not when you are teen and you have a bright future ahead. It is indeed the most difficult and mentally painful experience for a pregnant teen. But, besides knowing all the consequences teen girls are getting exposed to drugs, alcohols and cigarettes. The teens try experimenting with their sexuality to understand their bodily needs, satisfy their fantasies and desires. Adding more to it, there is no significant measure taken to curb the increasing teen pregnancy rate. According to a survey, most of the teens tend to go into depression as the feeling of continuous guilt keep on harassing them. Pregnancy during teenage is more risky as a teen is prone to many medical complications as well as premature labor. In a survey conducted on pregnancy teens, many shocking facts came across and the most horrifying was increase in teen smoking habit and which indeed is still rising at a very fast pace. There were many reasons as why the teens get addicted or start smoking during pregnancy.

1. Small baby size:

According to obstetricians, baby of pregnant women are smaller in size who smoke than that of normal pregnant ladies. So, pregnant teens smoke a lot so that the size of the baby gets small. They assume that the labor pain will be less if the baby size is small. Weird!!!

2. Changes in Vagina:

Pregnant Teens are worried that after childbirth their vagina may not look the same it was before. As, there are definitely some changes in vaginal shape and size after childbirth, teens have a fear that they may be neglected by men and this will affect their physical relationships.

3. Disfiguration after child birth:

After childbirth, certainly there are some visible changes in a women’s physical structure. Teens believe that they may not look attractive post child delivery and their body may get distorted after child birth.

4. Avoiding a Fatty look:

The mother’s body produces enough fat to keep the baby’s body warm. But if the baby is small in size, the fat production will be less. So they prefer smoking to reduce the baby size and look slim and young at every stage of pregnancy. Awareness needs to be conducted among the teenagers about pregnancy and health. Teen smoking during pregnancy is a grave threat to teen’s health as well as the baby. It’s the responsibility of parents and teachers to guide them and help them getting out of this habit. Make them aware of the dangerous consequences caused by smoking during pregnancy such as stillbirth, pre-mature birth, SIDS, placenta problems. They should be motivated and provided proper care so as to handle and ease out the stress they have due to pregnancy at teenage. Pregnant teens must be correctly counseled that baby’s health is dependent on her completely and should be encouraged for healthy eating habits and exercise. Another aspect to be counseled is to clear out all the misconceptions related to pregnancy, child birth and post pregnancy changes affecting the body.

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