Masturbation at Work

While many of us may still be grappling with the idea of having more openness at work platforms, the companies are also increasingly emphasizing on creating an environment which is congenial to the development of overall well being of the employees. Goes without saying aloud, a healthy and happy employee would perform much better. But guess what the newest idea the corporations are playing with is? Allowing masturbating at the work place! Yes, you heard right. With the onset of modernization in thought process at work place and increasing focus on keeping the employee as a priority, it may soon be allowed at a larger level. Come to think of it, what is so bad about having freedom to have some time to pamper self in between a full day of hectic pressure and workload? It is good in so many ways, that you would want to get this option open in your office soon. Let us look at some of the positives of having such a system:

Increasing Productivity:

Remember the last time when you masturbated, how good it felt? Imagine feeling that again, and then returning back to work. It would most certainly increase productivity of the manpower.

The Happiness Factor:

A happy content employee is the biggest asset to the company. A small step in ensuring that the employees are feeling good about themselves, will surely affect the overall environment and work culture in offices.

Better Concentration:

It has been proven that if something distracting gets sorted, the focus and concentration will automatically toss-up. Why to wait to go back home if the hormonal rush is high when the same can be done immediately and you can get back to the core work with full devotion.

Treat Impatience:

Being patient about something as eccentric as this? No more being patient. Have a go at it whenever you feel like, as we need food, we need water, we need coffee, we need this too man!

A Refreshing Break:

A hectic work life requires essentially bouts of refreshments in between. What better a way to enjoy a break than this? Have some self time, feel some impulses go high, take a jolt of passion and phew, we are relaxed beyond words!

So while it may still be unacceptable in the so called “professional” world where it is best advised to keep the personal and professional lives apart, on the deeper levels this may not be a very bad idea at all. Making work places open enough to accept something as basic as treating the organs right will not only lead to a positive impact on the employees but on the organization as a whole too. However, openness at the work front is also required to have a successful experiment of such kinds. The place where people keep pricking their noses here and there would not be the best platform for such kind of innovations, as who would like interference in their “personal” lives!

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