Strong links between sleep and sexual life - better sexual satisfaction

Sleep, as you know, is the recharge phase of our body. But the recent discoveries in this field have shown that sleep not only just charge our body but is responsible for normal functioning of many parts of our life. Now, who knew that better sleep is equal to better sexual life? According to the recent research published by North American Menopause Society, the amount of sleep is linked to the degree of satisfaction of sexual satisfaction in a woman with post menopause condition. This shows that sleep indeed is very important if you want to enjoy your life.

Everyone loves sleeping and it is something which is very natural for most of the people to sleep and sleep and sleep. That’s right, they just somehow make it sleep hours and hours. But on the other side, there are some who are so much tied up to their schedule that sleeping seems to them as a waste of time and instead think that it is an unimportant process of their life. Meanwhile, there are others who want to sleep, but, just cannot. Either they get tuned to their mobiles or other electronic gadgets or somehow do not get quality sleep, which they want to have the most.

Sleep is of paramount importance for the normal functioning of the body. It is during sleep that one the part of our brain, Cortex, responsible for processing information takes away its attention from processing and takes the job of recovery. The more the person is engaged in day activity, the more the person needs to take a rest. Therefore, it is vital for people to make a sleep habit that allows their body to make a full recovery from the daily damage and become whole when they wake up in the morning.

In terms of sexual satisfaction, the above research has shown a strong link between sleep and sexual life. The research was carried out in 93,668 women in the range of age 50 to 79. What they found is that shorter sleep duration has a direct link to lower sex drive in women. In an ideal case, any amount of sleep less than 7 hours of sleep is considered to be not having enough sleep. In the report, only 56 percent of women reported that they are currently satisfied with their sexual life while the rest are not. This is a depressing situation.

In the same report, it was stated that older women were likely to have lower sexual satisfaction compared to younger women. In fact, in the case of women above the age of 70 years, this satisfaction can drop to more than 30%. There are many other reports that just goes on to state the importance of sleep in our life. Therefore, it is important to have a wonderful sleep to get the most out of your life. A blissful and sound sleep is all that you need to rejoice the same old sexual satisfaction like newlywed couples.


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