Going for a Breast implant? Read This before Making a Move

Every woman wants to have a large, attractive and even breast so as to look more beautiful. An inclination towards breasts implants and cosmetic surgery proves the fact. No doubt, men get attracted towards women having heavy and firm breasts. So women go for a surgery for having a hot and sexy look and are loved by men. On the contrary, surveys have proved that women with heavy breasts are more prone to neck pain and spinal cord dislocation. Having huge busts is just like hanging a heavy school bag on the neck. It may seem attractive for some time but has very devastating effect in the long run. It affects the neck muscles and backbone adversely and can cause irreparable damage. In this article, I am sharing some cons of having huge busts.

Muscles stretching and Ligament rupture:

As already mentioned above, the heavy weight of breasts affects the muscles of neck and back. Even the ligaments of shoulders, neck and back can stretch and to worsen the situation, they can get ruptured. It will make you get tired early resulting in fatigued muscles and can also result sore muscles. In such a case, muscles will need some support to carry heavy weight.

Spinal deformity:

Heavy breasts affect hugely on the healthy body posture. Some woman feels pain while sitting or walking straight and they tend to bend a little. This adversely affects the spinal cord and may lead to permanent chronic pain and a bad posture.

Maximum size tolerated:

Till your size is in the limits of Size D, you don’t have to worry. Once it crosses size D, it may impact the posture as well as curvature of spinal cord gets altered and results in upper back pain. Not only body posture is affected but it also increases back pain and neck pain.

Reason behind the pain

Heavy breasts alter the center of gravity of the body which negatively affects the muscluo-skeletal system. As the center of gravity gets dislocated, so as the body posture. It puts extreme pressure on the spine and one can end up in having a disc problem or back issues.


It’s an alarming bell for all those going for any kind of breast surgery or implant for having firm and heavy breasts. There are many risks involved in the procedure. They are not at all permanent. Somewhere in the future you will have to replace or remove them. There is a high risk of infections and blood clot if incase there occurs a capsular contraction. So, while heading for an implant, one should be well aware of the consequences.


Women with heavy breasts can opt for breasts reduction surgery if the large busts are causing upper back or neck pain. In fact in 90% of the cases, women are relieved of pains immediately after the surgery. Another solution is wear to proper size bras. Selecting a good quality bra and size helps in redistributing the weight across the chest and act as a firm support for breasts.

09 Mar 2021

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