What do your nipples tell about your personality?

Many people are inclined towards numerology, palmistry, astro-science etc. However, there is a newer wave of that has hit the people is the nipple reading. Yes, most of us would consider it a bizarre thing but yes, that is in trend. If we say, we can know about your personality just by knowing about your nipple size, texture, color, and shape. The only pre-requirement of the study is that the person who is being analyzed should be serene and composed. Else, the study will lose out its meaning.

Here are the few outcomes of the study:

Pale Nipples (Colored):

If a person has pale colored nipples, then it generally shows that the person has a gentle and soothing personality. Such people can be in simple words called dreamers, who like to indulge in their thoughts. They love taking care and serving people with devotion. They are straightforward and caring.

Medium Colored Nipples:

The people with these nipples are often accompanied with large breasts. These women have their own opinions and also, they’re confident, they are not afraid to raise their voice. These women generally move towards the right things and are idolized to be a leader in some way.

Dark Colored Nipples:

Women with dark nipples are ones with a great sense of humor. These women are affectionate and helpful. But, due to their simple nature, they have a thing to be tricked by other people. They are more inclined to the arts and humanity rather than logic and the sciences. Materialistic things do not matter much to them. Oval Shaped Nipples: People with oval shaped nipples have just five close friends in the entire life. These people feel emotionally low about them, low in self-esteem and confidence. They do not feel very confident when they are close to the others. They are not very social.

Round Shaped Nipples:

People with round nipples are socially active. These people are flocked by a number of friends, but these are not close friends. They are supposed to be the life of any party and take away the limelight.

Square Shaped Nipples:

Sounds a bit weird. But, its true people with such nipples does exist. These people are generally not every warm, these people are generally lonely with not many close friends at a single point in time. These people hate socializing. Flat Nipples: People with flat nipples are believed to be sensual and romantic. They love the art of lovemaking also, they are great kissers. These people find love making a beautiful art and enjoy the complete act, not just the sex. For them, it is a way to express their love and devotion.

Inverted Nipples:

These people are powerful, selfless and leaders. When lovemaking, these people enjoy pleasuring both their partners and themselves.

Risen Nipples:

These people are fierce and chance-ful. They are not emotionally inclined to a person, they believe in enjoying life to the fullest. They can easily be in a relationship with a person without having any emotional connect with them.

09 Mar 2021

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