What is the right age of losing your virginity?

At the teens, you and your body are both naive to the changes happening. One goes through in this age many hormonal and emotional changes. At this age, you can barely understand the intricacies of being an adult. So, everyone in the family and elders make sure that you do not fall in the wrong company and try risky things. When talking about risky things, there are majorly two things parents are real worries about, the first is being habitual to drugs, and the second is that you lose your virginity. However, you are in a more experimental age, where you look forward to trying a number of things secretly. You, however, will not analyze the risk this experiment will cost you at a later stage and throughout the lifetime. So, if you are in a relationship or have this huge crush on someone, make sure that you understand what it takes to go ahead and lose your virginity. Sex needs preparation and commitment. It needs mental, physical, and emotional commitment. It is not just a one-time fun, it brings along many other things for the couple.

Here are a few facts that can help you understand the right age for losing your virginity:

Fact 1:

The first question that everyone is confused about is the right age to have sex. What is the best age to lose your virginity? According to the psychologist, the best time to go ahead is when your brain is developed completely. You need to be sensible enough and take wise decisions before going ahead and losing your virginity.

Fact 2:

According to another research, the experience is not just about the genitals and hormones. The complete act involves a number of other things like emotions, mind, sentiments, beliefs, attachment, sentiments etc. with the person you are having a relationship with.

Fact 3:

In another survey conducted in the U.S. recently, more than fifty percent women admitted that they rushed into losing their virginity in an early stage. They admitted that they should have gone ahead with it when they were at least 25 years old. They admitted that they went ahead with their first experience between the ages 16-18.

Fact 4:

Both men and women who went ahead to lose their virginity in their teens admitted that the reasons were quite obnoxious. Both the gender candidates accepted that they either tried it due to curiosity, alcohol consumption or due to the peer pressure.

Fact 5:

According to another research, it has been evident that partners who have early relationships in life tend to be more unstable in their relationship and with their partners.

Fact 6:

Getting indulged also increases of suffering diseases like STDs and cervical cancer. Other than this, it also increases the chances of you getting the HIV virus if you are indulging in unsafe sex. You can suffer from emotional and mental disorders if the experience isn’t a safe and fruitful one.

Fact 7:

In case you are a girl, you will have an increased risk of an unwanted pregnancy. In case you conceive, you are embarrassed to discuss it with your friends and family. Sometimes you tend to seek help from unreliable sources like midwives that can harm your body. Even some girls experience guilt and tend to suffer depression or commit suicide.

Fact 8:

In case, you are partner is not a reliable one. The complete act can turn out to be a disaster. Sometimes young girls fall into the blackmailing and harassment trap. These girls end up falling into wrong practices or ending up their lives. We do not say that sex is a taboo. However, there is a right age of going ahead and enjoying it. So, the next time you are lured. Please think intelligently and take a decision.

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